Hanging Gardens of Babylon

If I asked you where the Garden of Babylon was, could you tell me, or even give me a vague idea? If I asked you what they looked like, I bet what you could describe were images from old humanities books from high school and college. This was an engineering marvel, one of the original Seven Wonders of The World.

How did they do it?

Just the sheer thought of how this was constructed is the most amazing feat that any of can imagine. Think of your own home garden, where you grow vegetables and sorts of flowers and so forth. Now take all of those times, but then in the humid and hot air of the desert. How in the world, do you keep a Garden of such grandeur hydrated? From ancient writings, the gardens stood 70 or more feet high, built for the wife of King Nebuchadnezzar, Media. How to keep something of the magnitude alive? They had to pump water, build wells and make casters, to carry water all the way from the Euphrates, and with that not being the most amazing feet. They then had to make a way for the water to go up the 75ft high garden. They also kept cats all around for rodent control to eat the rats, mice, and other rodents around the garden. If this does not boggle the mind then maybe this will.   Seeing as this was in the desert, could it all have been just, a Mirage? Remember now, all the stories and tales, are from a second person’s point of view hundreds of years well after the gardens were gone. There are no first person accounts of the garden, even more mysteriously, No Artifacts or Signs it even existed.

babylon gardens 

Mirage or Myth

With no reliable evidence that the gardens even existed, it is rather hard to believe they even existed. Are these just accounts from stories, the mirage in the boundless desert heat of a miraculous garden swaying in the middle of the desert sand. Historians have spent countless years searching for these gardens without a trace, no signs, no pieces, nothing. Yet, what if they are looking in the wrong place? What if these gardens, lush with vegetation, the sweet smell of flowers gliding over the desert sand were not in Babylon at all?

Where is it?

With all the things we know from that time, a lot of translation has to be done. Ancient text scrolls and even newer translations have to be done to make sure each context is taken correctly. If these Gardens are not in Babylon where could they be? One scholar believes them to be 300 miles north in a city called Nineveh. Why? During her translation, she believes she found a clue that mentions a garden a full 400 years early. How was the clue found? The mention of a bronze screw, it is the same design mentioned during the time of Babylon, designed by Alcamedies.

hanging gardens in babylon

Could this be right

After closer excavation of Nineveh, they have found a very elaborate watering system, which would lead historians to believe that this area could have been host to those lush gardens. If after further research and excavation is done, could what we have known for hundreds of years, The Gardens of Babylon, be renamed to The Gardens of Nineveh?