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Little Florence

Florence, Italy is a small yet beautiful city. You will barely need to take any transportation to move around the city. Most tourist attractions are within walking distance and you can visit them all in less than a day. I don’t recommend taking the hop on hop off bus as it’s unnecessary considering you might only need take the bus once or twice in your whole trip. The rest you can walk to.

The city is full of foreigners and doesn’t have that many natives walking around. Most of the people there are tourists just like you or shop owners. If you’re looking for a more Italian city then Rome should definitely be your destination. When planning a trip to Italy one shouldn’t plan to stay more than 2 days in Florence unless you want to visit the sights more than once. Like I mentioned before everything can be seen in a single day with a couple of hours to spare.

Florence Cathedral is the main tourist attraction site. There’s a church that you can enter, walk around, and take some pictures. The best part is the tower. You climb 414 steps to be exact in order to reach the top which then gives you a full view of the city from above. The top of the tower is the city’s highest point and the view from up there is breathtaking. The roofs and buildings below are so well stacked and you can see the shadow of a mountain in the distance.

Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stone bridge crossing over a river that is home to several shops mainly jewelries. The view of the river is breathtaking and on the bridge itself you’ll find many people walking around shopping and even street performers who will take what they can get from people passing by. There’s also the Uffizi Gallery and next to it there are some spectacular statues most notably a golden statue of a man riding a giant turtle, or maybe a tiny man riding a regular turtle.

Overall Florence is a beautiful small city that has much to offer. The pizza there is also great as there are many pizza places with excellent rating from TripAdvisor. The weather there in the summer is also great and doesn’t get in the way of the walking around you’ll do. Not to mention that Florence is where Assassin’s Creed 2 is set and you’ll notice the game wasn’t that far off from depicting it.