Ankara Capital City of Turkey

In many cases when you are growing up and learning your cities and states the first couple things you learn, the capital of the each state. Never has anyone known of a place where there has been a debate as to where the capital of a specific state or country is. For the past few hundred years, Turkey has been through great debates as to where their capital city is. Is it Ankara or Istanbul?

Why the debate?

So, how did all this transpire, for us to understand how or even why for that matter, we have to take a small history lesson. Are you ready? Here we go. Now, Istanbul was at a time the capital of Turkey. But, that was only until Ankara, establish the Republic of Turkey and that did not happen until 1923 along with the fall of Constantinople and the Ottoman Empire. Are you still with me? Great! This debate has a little bit more depth and that comes with a name you may or may not have heard, Kemal.

ankara turkeyKemal

Why is his name so import to us at the fixture. Easily enough, he may the reason why Ankara is the actual capital based on a few decisions he made while in battle. Now during his time commanding two army corps one in Ankara and another in Erzurum, Turkey had 3 capitals. Yes, three capitals. Istanbul, Ankara, and Erzurum,  but what most likely made Ankara the capital. The mere fact the other two locations were not as safe. During WWI Erzurum was captured by the Russians and Istanbul was almost taken as well. Akara was seemingly the only safe haven. Being that it had a railway system in place it made getting supplies easier for troops.

Ankara Today

Has become the central spot for Turkey, everything from Wine to the Aerospace industry is located in this bustling center. A few things to understand as to what you can find on a trip to Turkey. Ankara is known for a local honey that is produced there, known as “Ankara Bali”, very light in color, which is packaged and shipped everywhere. For those visiting do not think they have not modernized, they have a touch or old with a touch of new. They are a known travel destination for diplomats, and has a new section that has been developed called, Yenisehir. Which for the most part is very up and coming. It has more up to date standard of living, wider streets, hotels that have been modernized, it has a much more cosmopolitan feel to it.

mosque  ankara

Where do they stand

No matter, whether you believe the history or the facts of it all. Ankara is widely known as the capital of Turkey. And many could say that, there being a railway system made it easier for that answer to be made, or you’re a denier and still feel Istanbul should carry the flag as the true capital. No one can deny that history has made this country very interesting and intriguing to all who visit her.